A.N.O: Aim to Noble Operation 

Ano industries have been founded since 2007, who is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling high quality LED diving and outdoor lights. Ano has roots that run deep and far in diving lighting products and today, we are one of major diving light manufacturers in Southern China, with operations of dealership, our products are selling globally. All of Ano’s products are tested by clubs and professional divers continuously in order to ensure its reliability and feasibility because Ano does not only provide products, but also provide solutions.

Ano industries have a firmed technical and quality control team that consisting of various experienced talents in the field of LED light. We implement full use of high-tech, innovative research & development and team worked to gestate the product in high quality and actual practicality. Most of our electronic engineers and mechanical engineers are occupied in the LED lighting industries for more than 10 years and stability and rationality of product is one thing we can guarantee.

With professional knowledge in manufacturing and quality control, we do not only have a complete set of production line for various LED flash lights; but also we have a strong supplier chain to support us fully in China and oversea. We develop and implement QMS to improve the quality performance and get customer satisfaction by continual improvement. Our QMS complies with ISO9001: 2000 and we are confident to provide good quality, service and reliable delivery to our customers.

Enterprise Value: 

●.Faith: Keep our client’s business at the centre in our growing and developing; be sincere to any of our clients.

●.Respect: Live up to the expectations from each of our clients and do whatever takes to meet client’s expectation and enhance customer’s profit

●.Excellence: Invest in trainings to our employees in order to improve their job skills for continual growth and new opportunities

●.Innovation: Innovative engineering and technology are our core of pursuits; looking always forward and think always what we can do better and shape always what the market is not done yet.



Benefits of ISO 9001:2000 Certification

ISO helped us reduce waste and consumption of resources (materials, fuels and energy), thus lowering expenditures for waste management and natural resources. Furthermore, ISO is adopted as a supplementary system to enhance the corporate management system by facilitating compliance with statutory requirements with respect to environmental regulations and ordinances. In the long run, adopting the requirements of ISO helps us achieve a reputation as a considerate and responsible corporate citizen, thus enhancing staff morale and the Company's public image.

With the above, we believe ISO upholds our reputation with our clients and the public, and increases our competitiveness and position in the industry. Ano Industries are committed to exceeding the requirements for ISO9001:2000 certification.

 CE standards are strict and mandatory for many product categories in European markets; we recognize the importance of conformity that we commit to our clients that the product from us will be met or surpassed the standard.