We would like to first thank you for being a loyal dealer for ANO products.  In order to support our valued US dealers we would like to announce our partnership with S.E.A.S LLC.  They will be performing all distribution duties now for the US market.

We are aware that some dealers have experienced unsatisfactory performance from our previous US distributor.  ANO Industries entrusts our distributors throughout the globe by supporting our customers’ needs and orders in a timely and ethical manner.  Upon realizing the unsatisfactory and unacceptable performance from Super Equinox Inc., we have made the decision to replace this distributor.  Our new distributor embodies the integrity and support needed to perform at the level ANO Industries requires.

With careful consideration, ANO Industries has partnered with S.E.A.S LLC centrally located on the east coast. S.E.A.S will be assuming all distribution duties for the US market, effective immediately.

ANO Industries values our customers and we are currently working diligently to complete any outstanding orders in an expedited time frame.  Due to unforeseen inconsistencies surrounding our previous distributor Super Equinox Inc., we extend our apologies for any delays or customer inconvenience.  Please be assured that all relationships and agreements with Super Equinox Inc. have been terminated.   All future US orders will be fulfilled and processed by S.E.A.S LLC.

We expect to have all pre-existing customer orders completed and shipped out no later than June 10th.  All orders will be expedited to the customer at no additional fee. 

Mr David Liu

CEO of Ano Industries