To all US dealers:

We, Ano Industries are so sorry to inform you that Mr. Brandon Landmark is removed by us and Ano Industries do not work with Mr. Brandon Landmark (Seas Distribution) for any distribution related to Ano Industries. Mr. Brandon Landmark has his personal reasons and can not pay Ano Industries; with hard decision, Ano Industries would like to find new distributors in US to replace Mr. Brandon Landmark without any price increases for all products.

All US dealers, Mr. Brandon Landmark is not authorized by Ano Industries to sell the brands of Ano and Coreskin products and any sales from Mr. Brandon Landmark may not be protected or have warranty policy upon the release of this notice. Ano Industries would suggest any of SEAS’ dealers working with Mr. Brandon Landmark for un-solved items, like shipments and replacement. Ano Industries is not responsible for any loss you may have based on the date this announcement is released if you do not work with ANO Industries directly in US market. Ano Industries is responsible for full product warranty only if you are working with Ano Industries or Ano authorized distributor based on the date this announcement is released; this includes shipment, full product warranty, replacement and etc after you work with Ano Industries.

Ano Industries highly appreciate your notice on this announcement as well as future cooperation.